• “The best and most sustainable innovations result from a company constantly putting every process to the test”, says Florian Weßling. “This is why our employees can and should develop new ideas in their daily working life at any time. This approach is firmly embedded in our DNA”, explains WESSLING’s Managing Shareholder.

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  • Three teams, from Hungary, France and Germany, are this year’s winners of the WESSLING Innovation Award, which was initiated by the company’s founder, Dr Erwin Weßling. For a consecutive ninth year the international jury rewarded the employees’ best ideas with 10,000 Euro prize money. The award-winning innovations reflect the expertise wide of engineers and scientists employed at the service provider for analyses and consultancy.

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  • Fan chants at the stadium, one’s own face on a mega screen: this year’s winners of the WESSLING Innovation Award were celebrated at the company group’s branch in the Ruhr area.

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  • WESSLING has discontinued its operations in Morocco as of September 1, 2014. The former branch manager, Mr Nabil Zanati, takes over 100 % of the shares of the "Laboratoires WESSLING SARL".

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Welcome to the website of WESSLING Polska sp. z o.o.

We are an international company which operates according to an integrated approach to quality, safety, health and environment protection – QSHE. We have about 1200 employees in Europe who specialise in consulting, environment protection and food analytics. Our activities focus on improving the standard and safety of life and, consequently, on caring about the environment and the quality of products that we get from it.

More about WESSLING

  • Accredited Laboratories of Environment Protection

    where we analyse soil and water for pollution and measure emissions to the atmosphere (determination of dioxins and furans concentrations, calibration and parallel analyses, for PRTR and other).

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  • Accredited Laboratories of Food Analytics

    where we perform microbiological and physicochemical analyses of water, food and fodder, with a view to improving the product safety. We perform routine assays and identify various hazards, both chemical (e.g. heavy metals, pesticides) and microbiological (for example Salmonella or Listeria monocytogenes).

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  • Department of Consulting, Development and Implementations

    performs environmental audits, environmental impact assessments, stock taking and develops asbestos removal programmes, helps with registrations and provides consulting for the REACH Regulation and promotes quality and safety through certification of products and services.

    By caring about safety and food and environment we live in, we improve the standard of living of each of us and safeguard the future of our children.

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WESSLING Locations
We are at 25 locations in Europe and China in your area and internationally, wherever our customers need us.To the locations