15 participants, 3 teams and 60 kilometers, that means Poland Business Run 2021

WESSLING Polska once again supported the Poland Business Run initiative. On September 5, we cheered on our colleagues who took part in the event.

With humor, but full of motivation

On Sunday, September 5, 2021, the jubilee, tenth edition of the Poland Business Run charity run was held, collecting funds for professional help for people with musculoskeletal disabilities. As every year, there was no shortage of employees willing to participate in the event and no one had to be encouraged. Ten people from the Kraków branch of WESSLING Polska formed two teams: "Wesslingowe Schildkröten" (i.e. “Wessling turtles”) and "Laboratoryjne Gepardy". The Poznań branch set up one team called "Byle dobiec". With humor, but full of motivation, our colleagues ran a total of 60 km for a noble purpose. On that day, even the weather cheered for our participants, because a sunny Sunday encouraged them to be active.

A new formula for the run

This year, just like a year ago, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the race took place in a new formula. Participants could take part in the event from anywhere in the world by registering their result in the running application and adding it to the Business Run website. Participants could choose the route of the run on their own - well-known or chosen especially for this special occasion. Even running on a treadmill was allowed, as long as the 4-kilometer distance set by the organizers was covered. Regardless of the nature of the event, the positive attitude of the participants, the sporting spirit of competition and the feeling of doing good, which are behind the motivation of the teams, remained unchanged.

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We are looking forward to the next edition

Full of admiration for the organizers who - despite the pandemic - are fighting for an event that will help many people, and expressing heartfelt congratulations to the participants of the run, we are glad that we could be a part of it once again. We also hope that the cities will be filled with Poland Business Run participants again next year. We, like every year, will look forward to this moment.