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Accredited WESSLING Environment Protection Laboratory in Kraków

WESSLING POLSKA sp. z o.o. has two accredited laboratory units in Kraków which perform environmental analyses in different matrixes, take samples of water, sewage, soil and perform atmospheric emission measurements.

Office in Cracow

The offer of our Environment Protection Laboratory includes taking environmental samples by accredited methods and their chemical, physicochemical and biological analyses. We carry out a number of accredited analyses of samples of water, sewage, soils, eluates, waste, fuels by:

  • gas chromatography,
  • atomic spectrometry with inductively excited plasma,
  • atomic absorption spectrometry,
  • ion chromatography,
  • spectrophotometry,
  • potentiometry,
  • conductometry,
  • titration methods,

We also carry out a wide range of emission measurements.  

We provide services in a “door-to-door” system. We arrange for sample collection and provide special transport packaging. It saves you costs of labour, of securing and delivering samples to destination laboratories of our group. We provide containers and reagents for sample fixing.

We offer assistance in taking samples for analysis and in selection of analytic methods for different types of contaminations.

Being an independent accredited laboratory and service provider, we have all the necessary certificates, accreditations and licences. We are among the leaders of international rankings of the best service providers. We have our activities regularly audited. We have deep knowledge of legislation, directives, regulations and guidelines, which enables us to provide tangible assistance to our clients in industry and trade by performing sewage, water and soil analyses for them.

Thanks to our effective backup facilities, a wide range of accredited analytic methods and efficient logistics, we can offer our clients top quality services for reasonable price.

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