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Accredited Food Analytics Laboratory, Poznań Branch

WESSLING Polska sp. z o.o. has one of the most modern microbiological laboratories in Poland. We can provide you with the widest range of accredited microbiological methods in food and fodder analytics.

Our offer also includes accredited microbiological analyses of water, pursuant to the Regulation of Minister of Health, and taking samples by accredited methods for microbiological analyses, in accordance with standard PN-EN ISO 19458:2007.

Our competences with respect to know-how and practical side of our activities, in conformity with standard DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025, were confirmed in 2007 by the German accrediting body. The laboratory, with a highly positive evaluation result, was granted a certificate of accreditation no. DAP-PL-4254.00. In 2011, we received a certificate of the Polish Centre for Accreditation no. AB 1246. The range of accredited methods in our microbiological laboratory includes over 40 items in such areas as analysis of food, fodder, water and environmental swabs from food production and trade environment as well as swabs from slaughter animal carcasses.  

We also provide services in physicochemical and sensory analyses, which are performed in specialist laboratories in Germany. Our offer includes practical analyses for every branch of food industry. The service catalogue of microbiological, physicochemical and sensory analyses includes several hundred items.

The Food Analytics Laboratory in Poznań offers a comprehensive range of services – we can have samples taken by our personnel in accordance with your guidelines or in accordance with the current standards, samples transferred in proper conditions and analysis performed in accordance with international standards or our in-house procedures in our laboratory or in another WESSLING laboratory.

Our personnel will provide assistance in determination of the scope of analyses and selection of appropriate analytic methods depending on the problem and in line with the specific matrixes.

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