Prize money of 10,000 euros for forward-looking innovations

WESSLING’s Award-Winning Ideas

The winners of this year’s WESSLING Innovation Award have been announced. The international company awarded total prize money of 10,000 euros to the entries with the five top ideas. All five award-winning ideas once again demonstrate WESSLING’s focus on reliable customer services. The awards went to colleagues from branches in Hungary, Italy and Germany.

As in previous years, the winners were honoured with an award ceremony at the company’s inter-national meeting taking place this year in Switzerland. As part of their award, the winners also en-joyed a day of sightseeing in Bern with its impressive historic city centre, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Photo: Company founder Dr Erwin Weßling (second right) and Dr Heinrich Ruholl, Executive Committee, Altenberge (left), together with the prize winners.

Dr Joachim Kintrup’s award-winning idea from WESSLING’s Hanover branch was to provide cus-tomers with the shortest possible processing times through improved capacity utilisation. By using optimised software it is now possible to identify bottlenecks and available capacities at an early stage and align sample flow accordingly.

An idea for improving sample logistics was also among the award-winning innovations. Entered by Ilka Müller and Susanne Cain, from WESSLING’s Halle/Saale branch, in cooperation with Tobias Rolfes, from Altenberge, it involves a more extensive use of barcodes helping to simplify the pro-cessing of samples at WESSLING Laboratory analytics. The idea from prize winner András Szabó from WESSLING Hungary takes a similar direction. He has developed a device that automatically labels specific sample containers for microbiological tests.

Two other innovations developed by WESSLING staff were focused on providing customers with individually tailored solutions from WESSLING’s wide range of services. Wiebke Kropp-Büttner and Karla Babica together with Thomas Symura from the branches in Altenberge and Bochum addressed the issue of portfolio management. Francesca Piana, from WESSLING Italy, developed her own programme for food contact materials to inform customers in a fast and reliable manner about the tests required for their product by EU and national regulations.