BDO - Waste Database

This is done by submitting an application to the voivodship marshal. Within 30 days, he gives the company a registration number, which should be placed, among others on VAT invoices, all commercial contracts, waste transfer cards. Restrictions also included the method of collection and transport, as well as the method of declaring the amount of waste annually. We offer professional help at every stage. We provide consultation if you have doubts about the need to enter the entity in the register. We will define (necessary to submit the application) the waste code based on the technological process. Experienced experts will take care of entering your company in the register, or changing data or deleting an existing one. We will prepare an annual declaration for the Marshal's Office. In addition, we will help your company in preparing waste transfer cards and maintaining the entire BDO database (including recording and reporting modules). We operate in this area throughout the country. Feel free to contact us.