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WESSLING Poland belongs to an international group of accredited research laboratories, operating in the field of analysis and consulting services in the field of food and environment.

The first Polish branch of WESSLING was established in 2004 and was based on analysis performed in the German laboratories of the WESSLING Group. Much has changed since then. We have our own laboratories in Poland, offering our clients a wide range of services tailored to the needs of the Polish market. We received the first accreditation on June 10, 2008. Since then, we have been regularly expanding its scope with new analysis, matrices and methods.

Two branches have been established in Poland - in Kraków and Poznań, where a total of over 100 employees work, and their number is constantly growing in order to provide better quality services and deliver analysis results to our clients faster and faster. For this purpose, we are introducing a number of improvements, from a larger usable area of ​​our laboratories with more modern equipment and test stands, through new services and logistics solutions, to a convenient way of ordering services and checking results at any time and from anywhere in the world via the Customer Portal.

We work with entrepreneurs, research units, universities, local government units, architects, engineers, geologists and anyone who needs reliable research and consulting.

Our units

WESSLING Poland consists of laboratory units where physicochemical, microbiological and sensory tests are carried out, a mobile laboratory for emission measurements and an expert department.

Laboratory of Environmental Analysis

Laboratory of Environmental Analysis

At the Laboratory of Environmental Analysis we test water, soil, sewage, sewage sludge and waste. We provide accredited analysis and high quality services. In addition to research services, our trained employees also perform sampling services for laboratory tests in a manner consistent with applicable standards and legal requirements. Both their competences and the entire team are confirmed during internal and external audits.

Laboratory of Food Analysis

Laboratory of Food Analysis

A laboratory of Food Analysis performs analysis of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished food and feed products. Food and feed are checked for physicochemical and microbiological contamination. Sensory evaluation of foodstuffs is also carried out. In addition, our specialists help in assessing the labeling of food products by verifying the labels.

Laboratory of Emission Measurement

Laboratory of Emission Measurement

A qualified team of specialists from the Laboratory of Emission Measurement carries out measurements of air pollutants, including periodic, technological, checking and commissioning measurements. Our measurements are compliant with the requirements of the processes covered by the legally regulated area or are based on the methods indicated as reference. Many years of experience, high competences and technical knowledge of our team allow us to provide support for customers also in the case of non-standard measurements.

Environmental consulting

Environmental consulting

We have built a team of specialists providing support for our clients' investment activities and we have integrated an expert knowledge base in the field of engineering, environmental protection and life sciences. We operate in many sectors of the economy. We support both small businesses, as well as large industrial plants.

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How do we provide our services?

A client who comes to us can discuss his needs in detail with our representative. The confirmation of the arrangements made is the price offer, which includes the most important information about our service. The order form completed by the customer, delivered to us in electronic or paper form, is the basis for the execution of the order. The moment of registration of the samples delivered to the laboratory is considered as the beginning of the implementation - in person, via a courier or a trained employee of WESSLING Poland collecting samples. Samples registered in the system are subject to the process of preparation for analysis, and then passed to the appropriate departments, where the appropriate analysis is performed. The received data is entered into the system and then forwarded to the client in the form of a report approved by the head of a given laboratory.

In the case of emission measurements, the execution of the order is made at the place and at the time previously agreed with the client. Similarly is in the case of services provided as part of environmental consulting - they are implemented on the basis of the discussed principles and within the agreed time limit.

We care about quality and safety

Each client is a key client to us, so we do our best to make the execution of the order as simple as possible. We build partnerships and maintain good relations with clients by listening to their needs. We try to approach each project individually and share our knowledge and experience at every stage of the order, as well as participating in conferences and conducting training.

We strongly believe in the values of our company, therefore quality, safety, health and the environment (QSHE) are our priorities. We feel responsible for health and safety - ours and that of our clients.

Who we are?

WESSLING Poland is made up of a team of laboratory specialists and experts in various fields. Many years of experience in the market and the knowledge constantly deepened by our employees is reflected in the high quality of services.

We are the right people in the right places - a group of well-matched people who together create an efficient machine driven by a shared belief in our corporate values. The positive atmosphere in our ranks translates into friendly relations between colleagues and our approach in dealing with business partners, and thus also into satisfactory employee-customer contacts.

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