The WESSLING BOX guarantees simple and reliable sample shipment, with cooling and protection against damage. From the very beginning, the samples are well protected and delivered to our highly specialized research units.


The safety of the samples during transport and appropriate conditions of their delivery are the basis of a successful analysis.

A reliable way to keep your samples safe

In order to ensure correct test results, WESSLING offers a system that guarantees full safety from the moment of sampling to obtaining results. Its central element is specially designed packaging – WESSLING BOX – designed for transporting samples. Samples of water, soil and other materials reach our laboratories in an unchanged state.

When performing every service, we provide you with the most valuable: quality and safety. Thanks to the use of a perfect cooling system, you can carry out long-distance transportation.

Our clients receive the packaging with the required content. Placing different types of samples in the packaging is as simple as ABC.

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