WESSLING Polska - New scope of accreditation

A revision of the standard  obliges laboratories to apply new requirements with regard to impartiality and confidentiality in the operation of laboratory, structure, actions to address risks and opportunities, externally provided products and services and reporting statements of conformity according to regulations.

WESSLING analyses groundwater and so makes a contribution to high drinking water quality.

The laboratory WESSLING Poland performs testing and sampling services, in the scope of accreditation PCA No AB 918. We have expanded our scope of accreditation with new services under sampling of the exhaust gas, AMS, sampling of rainwater and melting water. What more, in flexible scope were added determination of acrylamide, gluten in food and also metals in feed and compound feeds. Microbiological tests have been extended to include the number of Listeria spp in food products.

The detailed list of the accredited measurements  is available on the following website: