Recorded for the program "MądrzeJEMY z Katarzyną Bosacką"

A recording for the program "MądrzeJEMY z Katarzyną Bosacką" took place in our laboratory. For the purposes of the program, we conducted tests of selected fruit and vegetables and discussed the results with the program leader, Bartek Jędrzejak.

What is the program about?

The program "MądrzeJEMY z Katarzyną Bosacką" educates viewers in an entertaining way, taking care to increase their nutritional awareness. The lecturers teach how to read the labels on the packaging of food products, how to distinguish a healthy composition from the one that leaves much to be desired and explain the influence of food on the functioning of the human body. Viewers together with them discover the secrets of healthy eating.

What was our role?

For the purposes of the program, we tested selected fruit and vegetables for the presence of pesticides. The aim was to find out if there is a difference between conventional and organic food.

The entire process of sample analysis to obtain the result was discussed, and then the leader, Bartek Jędrzejak, discussed the obtained test results with Dorota Pękała, a specialist in the field of labeling plant protection products and the leader of the WESSLING Polska department responsible for testing organics in food.

You will know the outcome of this conversation soon, because the episode with our participation will be broadcast on April 30 at 17:25 on TVN. Feel free to watch!

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Our impressions of the recording

Although our work is significant, it does not have a direct media impact, so the sight of the TV crew in our laboratory and the opportunity to participate in the recording aroused the emotions of the entire team, which followed the stages of creating the material for the new episode with interest.

The works were extremely efficient and professional, and the producers spread a good mood, building a friendly atmosphere and relieving tension.

We are glad that we had the opportunity to participate in the project aimed at increasing consumer awareness, as this goal coincides with our own.

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