AST and QAL2 measurements

In case of automatic air pollutant emission monitoring systems (AMS) installation, necessary is to conduct parallel measurements in order to verify the correctness of their indications.

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Fulfilling the duty to control stationary installations for continuous air pollution measurement, we carry out annual control tests according to the AST procedure, as well as calibration of the installation according to the QAL2 procedure. Both of these procedures are carried out on the basis of the PN-EN 14181: 2015-02 standard.

AST measurement

These are control measurements of individual parameters of stationary systems for continuous monitoring of waste gas emissions installed on installations requiring continuous control of the level of pollutant emissions into the air. They assess if the measurement values obtained from the continuous monitoring system still meet the performance criteria and if its calibration function and variability remain as previously determined.

QAL2 measurement

These are calibration measurements of individual parameters of stationary systems for continuous monitoring of waste gas emissions installed on fuel combustion installations or waste incineration and co-incineration installations. The QAL2 procedure includes parallel measurements with the reference method for all monitored quantities covered by the system. It also aims to determine if the calibration function and its validity range remain at the level determined by the QAL2 procedure.

Tests of automatic air pollutant emission monitoring systems are performed for new installations. After that, a calibration and validation procedure (QAL2) is conducted every five years for fuel combustion plants or every three years for waste incineration or co-incineration plants. Control measurements (AST) are required once a year to verify if the monitoring system works properly.

Emission / Air Measurement Laboratory of WESSLING Polska conducts services consisting of calibration of automatic emission monitoring systems on emitters of industrial and energy installations and waste incineration plants. Each time we use reference methods in accordance with the PN-EN 14181: 2015-02 norm guidelines.

Measurements are carried out in accordance with Rozporządzenie Ministra Środowiska w sprawie wymagań w zakresie prowadzenia pomiarów wielkości emisji oraz pomiarów ilości pobieranej wody.


  • Comprehensive assessment of continuous emission measurement systems
  • Calibration and checking of dust meters
  • Determining the characteristics of dust meters
  • Checking and calibrating speedometers
  • Parallel measurements (comparative, control) of the concentration of exhaust gas components: SO2, NOx (the sum of NO and NO2), O2, CO, CO2, HCl, HF, TVOC, H2O, NH3
  • Calibration of gaseous pollutant analyzers, including checking linearity
  • Comprehensive system assessment according to QAL2 and AST procedures together with the AMS system service
  • Detailed report from the conducted research

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