Odor testing

The unpleasant odor results from the influence of the source emitting odor compounds and is a subjective feeling of discomfort, which depends on the sensitivity of the human smell.

When the air quality is bad, it can cause discomfort, but worse is that it can also be hazardous for health. One of the factors that worsen air quality is odors.

Odor nuisance has the biggest meaning in places where people stay for a long time, for example at home, at work or in recreational areas used for rest. We are talking about a nuisance when the human assessment of a smell is repeatedly negative, and its occurrence leads to irritation and changes in the behavior of people exposed to it.

Olfactometry - odor detection method

Odors in the air are tested using the olfactometry method. It is a technique that relies on diluting the taken gas samples in the olfactometer with a stream of clean air until the olfactory threshold is reached, that means when the half of the participants can smell the odor. The olfactometry method is used to measure the concentration of individual substances or gas mixtures. The odor test is carried out in accordance to the PN-EN 13725 standard, which defines the method of objective measurement of the odor concentration in a gas sample: measurement of the mass concentration corresponding to the detection threshold of individual substances in g/m3, measurement of the odor concentration in odor mixtures in ouE/m3, measurement of the odorant emission index and method to determine the effectiveness of equipment used to reduce odorant emissions.

In order to indicate the amount of odor emissions and their impact on air quality in the plant, it is necessary to perform measurements and mathematical modeling, which result is information about the maximum odor emission concentrations and their annual frequency.


  • Inventory of odor emission sources
  • Taking air samples for testing
  • Testing samples by olfactometry in terms of odor emission concentration
  • Mathematical modeling of pollutant dispersion - development of the odor map
  • Report with the results

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