Emissions measurement

For many years we have been conducting measurements of concentration and emission of pollutants, therefore we have abundant experience in the area. We have at our disposal a mobile laboratory equipped with modern, high-class measurement equipment, which employs reference methodologies in accordance with the Regulation of Minister of Environment of 4 November 2008 on the requirements for conducting measurements of emissions and measurement of the amount of taken water (J. of Laws, 2008, no. 206, item 1291). We perform measurements of standard emission parameters for clients operating in various branches of industry, including, cement, energy, refinery industries, as well as in incineration plants, boiler plants, paint shops, etc. We conduct emission measurements for PRTR reports.

  1. Gaseous pollutants,
    • carbon dioxide (CO2),
    • carbon monoxide (CO),
    • sulphur dioxide (SO2),
    • nitrogen oxide (NO),
    • nitrogen dioxide (NO2),
    • nitrous oxide (N2O),
    • ammonia (NH3),
    • hydrogen fluoride (HF),
    • hydrogen chloride (HCl),
  2. Dust,
  3. Heavy metal content in dust and mercury content in the gaseous phase,
  4. Various organic substances,
    • volatile organic compounds (VOC),
    • total organic carbon (TOC),
    • dioxins and furans,
    • polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB),
    • polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH).

We also perform parallel and calibration measurements for Automatic Monitoring Systems for Pollutions, as per the standard PN-EN 14181:2005.

We meet all the equipment-related conditions set forth for determination of dioxins and furans as per the latest edition of the standard PN EN 1948:2006; we perform the determinations with the use of a gas chromatograph and a high-resolution mass spectrometer.

We are prepared for new legal regulations with respect to the permissible levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC); we conduct measurements of VOC emissions in plants which carry out production processes mentioned in the regulation.

The test results are presented in accordance with Regulation of the Minister of Environment (J. of Laws of 2008 no. 215 item 1366 of 04.12.2008) in a form ready to be submitted to the relevant auditing authorities.

The Laboratory of Emissions Measurement is a perfect reserarch tool for environment protection, allowing both qualitative and quantitative determination of air pollutants.




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