Drinking water

Drinking water, number one among foodstuffs, is subject to detailed quality control with respect to its hygienic features and chemical composition, based on the Regulation on Drinking Water. The WESSLING laboratories support their customers with competent and interdisciplinary team of specialists in sampling, analyses and evaluation of drinking water.

Availability of drinking water which meets the highest quality standards is the basic requirement of a healthy lifestyle. Chemically and microbiologically flawless water is:

- free from pathogens,

- without colour, smell or taste,

- not harmful to human health.

Microbiological parameters

As a standard, we apply all the methods contained in the Regulation of Minister of Health of 29 March 2007 on the quality of water intended for consumption by humans (J. of Laws No. 61, item 417), as subsequently amended, as well as a quick Colilert method for the presence of Coliformes and Escherichia coli.


Physicochemical parameters

We offer physicochemical and sensory analysis of drinking water within the scope provided for by control and review monitoring, specified in the Regulation of Minister of Health of 2007 and amended by the regulation of 2010.

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