Accredited testing laboratory - sampling with accreditation

Sampling according to the same procedures, by the same methods and in a consistent manner will let you to compare the results. Properly selected sampling places will give a picture of the real distribution of pollutants.

Accredited testing laboratory

Correct sampling for laboratory tests is an important issue from the point of view of the reliability of the results. Accredited sampling confirms our competence and proves the best theoretical and practical preparation of a given research laboratory.

What does it mean that the laboratory is accredited?

According to the PN-EN ISO/IEC 17000:2020-12 standard, accreditation is defined as "attestation by a third party, relating to a conformity assessment body, used to formally demonstrate its competence to perform specific tasks in the field of conformity assessment". Accredited research laboratories are therefore those whose work is carried out in accordance with the accepted standards for this type of facility. The decision to grant this type of power of attorney is made by the Polish Center for Accreditation.

Obtaining accreditation means that a certified quality management system has been implemented in a given facility. It consists in constant monitoring of the reliability of test results carried out by a given accredited laboratory. The advanced control system ensures high quality of the analysis carried out, as well as the adequacy of the research methods used by a given unit.


The purpose of accreditation is to build trust in the best laboratory facilities. Entrusting the analysis to an accredited laboratory guarantees obtaining a reliable measurement result. The risk of errors is minimized by the high competence of the personnel, as well as the careful selection of research methods - also in the field of sampling the material for the analysis.

The use of uniform standards allows for an objective assessment of the results of analysis carried out at different places and times. Each time the samples are taken in a consistent manner and in accordance with the procedures, the results can be compared later. Properly selected sampling sites give a picture of the actual distribution of pollutants.

The highest standards of hygiene are the norm among accredited laboratories. By ordering this service, you can be sure that the samples will not be contaminated during collection. We will deliver them to the research laboratory on the same day in containers adapted to the type of sample and fixed as needed to perform the ordered analysis. The samples are transported in WESSLING-boxes, which maintain the appropriate temperature and humidity.

We collect samples all over Poland. Our priorities are to provide the highest quality services, compliance with legal requirements, confidentiality and customer property rights.

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