Wastewater analysis

Entities with water-law permits for special use of water by municipal and industrial sewage disposal are required to conduct periodic wastewater analysis.

WESSLING: Sampling and analysis

We can divide wastewater into municipal - located in the municipal sewage system (regardless of their origin), domestic wastewater generated in households for hygienic activities and industrial wastewater containing by-products of technological processes. Industrial wastewater is a bigger challenge due to the wide variety of chemical compounds it contains. Rainwater and meltwater are also considered wastewater, because they wash away pollutants from various surfaces before they flow into the sewage system.

Untreated sewage as well as treated should be tested. This allows for evaluating the effectiveness of water treatment devices. Individual scope of analysis and possible undertakings necessary to limit the negative sewage impact on the environment are specified in the water-law permits.

WESSLING Polska sp. z o.o. provides accredited sampling services and laboratory testing of all types of wastewater in accordance with applicable regulations.


  • Accredited wastewater sampling (momentary and average sewage sample taking)
  • Accredited analysis of physico-chemical parameters such as: heavy metals, chlorophenols, pesticides, PCBs, suspensions, pH, BOD5, COD, TOC, nitrogen, anions, cyanides, chlorine, detergents, petroleum hydrocarbons, PAHs, BTX, AOX, sulphides and hydrogen sulphide, ether extract
  • Accredited swimming pool water analysis of microbiological parameters: eggs of intestinal parasites (Ascaris, Trichuris, Toxocara), Salmonella
  • Development of water-low surveys.

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