Secondary fuels

Taking into account the depleted reserves of oil and gas, as well as waste management problems, alternative fuels are the inevitable future of the world economy.

Waste analysis in the WESSLING laboratory

To meet the needs of our clients, we offer following analyses of alternative fuels:

  • analyses packages of recovered fuels including total water content, ash content, content of coal in the ash, total inorganic carbon, total sulfur, total nitrogen, chlorine and total carbon.
  • elementary analyses and energetic (quality?) parameters: calorific value on as-received basis, heat of combustion (gross calorific value), ash content, sulfur content, moisture content and total carbon.

In order to learn the details of our offer, please contact our sales department.

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WESSLING Poland - Approval of State Sanitary Inspection

According to the act from 7th of June 2001 regarding mass water supply and mass wastewater disposal (Dz. U. z 2019 r., poz. 1437 ze zm.), analysis of collected drinking water samples can be performed (..)

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Accreditation for new active substances

In care for safety of food WESSLING Polska continuously widens its analysis scope of remains of pesticides in fresh vegetables and fruits.

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