Surface water

Surface water include inland flowing water, standing waters (except groundwater), transitional waters and coastal waters according to the Directive of the Parliament and of the Council establishing framework for the common action in the field of wate

Analysis of surface water: specialists of WESSLING

The main purpose of testing this water is providing information about water conditions, which is necessary to undertake some action aimed at its improvement and protection against pollution.

Surface water monitoring allows us to estimate the impact of domestic, industrial and agricultural pollution on this water. The particularly important is monitoring of surface water which is intended to supply drinking water for the people.

Regulations for surface water quality checking

The basic regulations that regulate areas related to the quality of surface waters are:

Rozporządzenie Ministra Gospodarki Morskiej i Żeglugi Śródlądowej w sprawie form i sposobu prowadzenia monitoringu jednolitych części wód powierzchniowych i jednolitych części wód podziemnych.

Rozporządzenie Ministra Gospodarki i Żeglugi Śródlądowej w sprawie klasyfikacji stanu ekologicznego, potencjału ekologicznego i stanu chemicznego oraz sposobu klasyfikacji stanu jednolitych części wód powierzchniowych, a także środowiskowych norm jakości dla substancji priorytetowych


  • Accredited sampling and transport to the laboratory
  • Delivery of appropriate containers for self-sampling by the customer (WESSLING-box)
  • Accredited analysis in basic scope of physicochemical parameters such as: pH, PEW, BOD5, COD, nitrogen, phosphorus, ions
  • Accredited analysis in extended scope of parameters, including: heavy metals, hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds, pesticides
  • Accredited analysis of priority substances according to the mentioned regulations from above
  • Report with analysis results
  • Analysis results comparison to the indicated legal regulations or other guidelines.

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