Air protection

Air is the environment component, which surrounds us. We can take care of its condition by creating guidelines and meeting their requirements to maintain adequate air quality, and by managing the emission of pollutants into the air. By taking care of air quality, we care about the quality of our life.

WESSLING life cycle-assessments

Manufacturing plants, installations or equipment that emit pollutants into the air in the form of gases or dusts require regulation of the air protection status.

Their exploitation is possible only after obtaining the appropriate permit. This, in turn, requires the submission of appropriate documentation, including technical details and the expected impact on air quality, along with ways to prevent or reduce the negative effects of the activity.

In WESSLING Polska we carry out measurements of pollutant emissions into the air, help to make appropriate notifications for production plants, installations and devices emitting pollutants in the form of gases or dusts, we offer support in submitting applications for permits for their emission, we provide detailed expert opinions and help to create the environmental documentation, as well as conduct analysis of emission sources impact on air quality.

Our specialists are ready to support you in your efforts to improve air quality and in related activities.

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