Application and permission

Manufacturing plants, installations and equipment, which emit into the air pollutants in gas or dust form require the regulation of their status in terms of the air protection.

The exploitation of production plants, installations and devices emitting pollutants into the air is allowed after obtaining a permit for the introduction of gases or dust into the air or after acceptance of the installation notification.

Obtaining such a permit requires submitting an application for a gas and dust emission permit, the scope of which is specified in Art. 184 paragraph. 2-4 and art. 221 of the Environmental Protection Law.

Obtaining the notification of the installation is preceded by the submission of a properly prepared document, the scope of which is specified in Art. 152 sec. 2 Environmental Protection Law.

The list of installations that require a license is presented in rozporządzenie w sprawie rodzajów instalacji, których eksploatacja wymaga zgłoszenia and rozporządzenie w sprawie przypadków, w których wprowadzanie gazów lub pyłów do powietrza z instalacji nie wymaga pozwolenia.


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