The balance of VOCs

The balance of VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, is a checking instrument for installations where organic solvents are used.

ventilation system

The balance of volatile organic compounds allows for the determination of emissions from different types of installations, therefore it is a universal and reliable tool that forms the basis for reporting and billing for using the environment. It helps to define the technical requirements for new installations, which minimizes the possibility of errors at the design stage. Equally with the measurements of the emission level, it is performed in order to verify compliance with the emission standards.

It is made for installations in which organic solvents are used in accordance with the established limit of their annual consumption and in processes covered by emission standards according to Annex 10 of rozporządzenie w sprawie standardów emisyjnych dla niektórych rodzajów instalacji, źródeł spalania paliw oraz urządzeń spalania lub współspalania odpadów.

This balance allows to determine the maximum annual emission of gases from the installation into the air, therefore it is extremely useful when applying for an integrated or sectoral permit.


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