Aquatic legal surveys

The water legal survey is an attachment to the application for a water permit.

Water analysis at WESSLING: consulting, sampling and analysis.

According to the Water Law Act, a water permit is an administrative decision authorizing the special use of water and the use of water from water facilities.

The permit is required, among others, for collection of the surface water and groundwater, discharge of wastewater, rainwater and meltwater into water or into the ground, and discharge of sewage containing substances particularly harmful to the environment to the sewage devices.

The water permit includes also the other activities and projects, the implementation of which requires the use of water or has an impact on the condition of water or water and sewage management. Such activities include, for example, the regulation of rivers and water bodies and the use of wastewater for agricultural purposes.

The Water Law Survey contains, among others, the information about the enterprise applying for a permit, the purpose and scope of water use, information about forms of the nature protection and real estates within the range of the impact of the intended water use or planned water facilities, a description of these devices and the characteristics of the water or the sewage receiver covered by the license. This part also contains arrangements from the existing documentation and determines the impact of the enterprise's water management on surface and underground waters, informs about the planned start-up period and how to proceed in the event of start-up, shutdown, failure or damage of the measuring devices. The descriptive part is supported by a graphic part, showing the plans and diagrams of the functioning of water devices and the range of their impact.


WESSLING Polska provides comprehensive assistance in obtaining a water permit.

We prepare an aquatic legal survey, which is an attachment to the application. We also offer a wide range of analysis necessary to prepare the survey.

We are with you at every stage of preparing the documentation and submitting the application, offering our experience and knowledge.

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