Ecological review

An ecological review is a document in the form of a specialist opinion. It is created when you need to establish facts related to the operation of an installation.

Produktionsanlage mit Brandschutzplan

Some of the installations may have a special potential for negative environmental impact. The environmental review serves the formal assessment of this impact.

What is an ecological review?

It is a document in the form of a specialist opinion. It arises when it is necessary to establish the facts related to the operation of the installation in order to determine its possible negative impact on the environment. Its final effect is a report specifying the correct operation of the installation or possible defects in its operation, a proposal for changes in the techniques used, methods of preventing and limiting introduced pollution, the need to establish a restricted use area, a proposal to adapt to the current formal and legal requirements in the field of environmental protection.
The decision to prepare an ecological survey is made by the competent administrative body. The requirements to be met by the document are contained in Art. 238 of the Environmental Protection Law. Its scope may possibly be limited by the authority. Research and study methods for use in the review may also be indicated.
It should be emphasized that the order of the ecological review should be legally justified. The decision to impose the obligation may not constitute a sanction for the entity operating the installation for exceeding the environmental protection standards or failure to deliver test or measurement results within the time limit requested by the administrative authority. 

Ecological review - when is it necessary?

The necessity to prepare an ecological review results from the Environmental Protection Law and occurs most often in the event of a potential hazard. It is prepared in order to confirm or deny the occurrence of negative environmental impacts of the installation, as well as to enable actions aimed at eliminating the existing hazard.

Who is affected?

The control procedure of the ecological review concerns mainly installations that meet the criteria of "projects that may always have a significant impact on the environment" indicated in the regulation of the Council of Ministers.
Other types of projects may also be included in the ecological review. The obligation to prepare such a review may also be imposed on the activities of the user of the environment other than the operation of the installation. It may refer to a road, a railway line, a tram line. In these cases, the authority specifies the requirements and scope of the ecological review.


The team of our specialists, based on the provided documentation, prepares an ecological review of the indicated installation. Our offer includes close cooperation with the client and contact with representatives of the administrative authorities. We are there for you at every stage of creating documentation until it is approved by the administrative authority.

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