Environmental documentation

Experts of WESSLING Polska will help you to prepare the necessary environmental documentation, including, among others, an application for a water-law permit, an ecological review and all kinds of environmental expertise that require professional assessment.

We prepare specialist environmental documentation necessary to obtain permits and administrative permits, also for the purposes of assessing the functioning of the installation and formal and legal assessment. We offer documentation and expertise required for both, planned investments and those under operation.

One of the most popular environmental documents are applications for sector permits, including water-law permits. It often happens that investors, installation operators and administrative institutions face situations that require expert judgment. An example may be the circumstances indicating the possibility of a negative environmental impact of the installation. The operator of an installation may then be required to perform an environmental review by way of an administrative decision.

In WESSLING Polska we prepare professional environmental documentation based on current legal regulations, specialist knowledge and experience of our employees. We offer assistance in situations requiring the interpretation of legal provisions, assessment of the technical condition of installations or adopted solutions, as well as preparation of documentation to obtain the necessary permits. We remain at your disposal in case of any questions.


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The new regulation on the requirements for measuring emissions

Find out what changes are introduced by the Regulation of the Minister of Climate and Environment of September 7, 2021 on the requirements for conducting emission measurements.

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WESSLING Polska is expanding the scope of its services

The October PCA audit has been completed successfully and thanks to that, in addition to the previous analysis, new items will appear in our scope of accreditation.

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