Environmental impact

We assess the environmental impact of the planned activities, conduct a natural inventory to assess the natural value of a given area and perform mathematical modeling of noise.

Depending on the type of a project, a Project Information Sheet or an Environmental Impact Report is prepared. Some of these documents are, among other, nature inventory specifying plant communities and natural habitats of a given area and allowing for its valorization, as well as mathematical modeling of the spread of noise and air pollutants from the planned investment. Both, Project Information Sheet and the Environmental Impact Report are necessary to obtain approval for the implementation of the project and minimize its negative impact on the environment.

We evaluate the impact of the project on the environment

The environmental impact assessment of a project is part of the procedure for issuing a decision on environmental conditions, granting consent for the implementation of a project, which is extremely important for the investment and construction process to be carried out on time and without unnecessary disruptions.

The purpose of preparing an environmental impact assessment is to determine the environmental impact of a given investment and to establish the conditions for its implementation, allowing for the reduction or elimination of negative environmental impact. The Act on the provision of information on the environment and its protection, public participation in environmental protection and environmental impact assessments specifies projects that require an environmental impact assessment.

Before starting investment and construction works, it is necessary to carry out a natural inventory of a given area, allowing for the determination of plant communities and natural habitats present therein. Information about animate and inanimate elements of nature helps to valorize a given area and is the starting point for determining its purpose. This knowledge allows for a better and more thorough assessment of the environmental impact of a given project. For its needs, mathematical modeling of noise and air pollution propagation in the air of designed industrial plants is also performed.

WESSLING has been dealing with environmental protection for many years. Specialists who work in our company are experts in their fields, building their knowledge based on experience. Knowledge of the current legal requirements, which are subject to constant changes, allows us to relieve our clients of the excess of obligations and prepare factual documentation that meets their needs.

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