Environmental impact assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is prepared at the initial stage of the investment process and is seen as a preventive instrument.

Environmental impact assessment

The environmental impact assessment aims to anticipate potential threats, which could have a significant impact on the environment, as well as to prevent or limit them. Therefore, it is important at the initial stage of investment planning.

The scope of environmental impact assessment of the project

As part of the comprehensive environmental impact assessment carried out by our company, the direct and indirect impact of the project on the natural environment, health and living conditions of the population, as well as monuments, landscape, material goods and natural resources is subject to evaluation. The assessment process takes into account environmental inventory, it also includes an opinion on the risk of major accidents or natural and construction disasters, including the risk associated with climate change. Protection of the environmental components requires the indication of the scope of monitoring and, importantly, the presentation of methods of preventing or reducing the negative effects of the investment. Here we work closely with the investor, analyzing project plans together. In addition to the above-mentioned elements, the environmental impact assessment also considers the cumulative effect, together with other ongoing, implemented or planned investments.

What should the environmental impact assessment report contain?

According to the requirements, the prepared environmental impact assessment report should contain several permanent elements, which include mainly:

  • a multifaceted description of the project, including its characteristics and conditions of land use, information on the biological diversity of the area, features of production processes, expected types and amounts of generated pollutants, information on the planned use of natural resources,
  • characteristics of natural elements that may be influenced by the investment,
  • analysis and results assessing the environmental impact of the planned investment in terms of emissions,
  • presentation of alternative solutions that pose a lower environmental risk,
  • indication of proposed activities aimed at avoiding, preventing, limiting or compensating for the natural negative impact on the environment,
  • identification of a possible limited use area.

The environmental impact assessment report is prepared for the so-called investments from group I (projects that may always have a significant impact on the environment) or when the authority decides to do so and considers, for example, that the screening performed in the Project Information Sheet requires a wider scope and the project requires an environmental impact assessment.

The assessing authority may conduct an administrative hearing or use it from supplementary evidence. As a rule, the decision is issued by the head of a given commune, mayor or city president. In special cases, the consent may be issued by the starost, director of the regional directorate of State Forests or Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection.


We will guide you through the environmental impact assessment stage, supporting you with our knowledge and experience. We will prepare a report from the environment impact assessment of the venture, helping you to obtain an environmental decision. We participate in every project until a final decision is obtained.

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