Initial report

The initial or baseline report is a document, which shows the current state of the soil and groundwater in the area, where the exploitation of the installation begins.

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The initial report is one of the necessary attachments to the integrated permit. This necessity results from the Environmental Protection Law. The report should be made when there exists some indications the installation may contaminate the soil and groundwater through the production, use or release of hazardous substances. A baseline report is also performed for installations that apply for a changement in their existing integrated permit, for example when a factory is expanded.

For the initial report preparation necessary is to identify the sources of pollution and the substances causing the risk. The soil and groundwater sampling places and the scope of the laboratory analysis should be determined and its result should be included in the baseline report.

The risk analysis preparation helps in determining if the enterprise is obliged to submit an initial report. It may turn out to be sufficient and the execution of a baseline report is not necessary. The final decision on this matter is made by the appropriate environmental protection authority after reading the submitted documents.


We will help you with initial report or risk analysis preparation after reviewing the documentation and installation data. Our experts will answer your bothering questions, help you to decide if the preparation of a risk analysis may be sufficient for your specific case and they will provide you with support during discussions with representatives of the administration body.

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