Integrated approach

WESSLING Polska offers assistance in the preparation of the application for the integrated permit with attachments, such as an initial report. We also prepare an analysis of BAT conclusions and a post-implementation analysis of a given investment.

Specialists of WESSLING Polska sp.z o.o. help to assess the impact of the installation on individual components of the environment - water, land or air, and on the environment as a whole. A comprehensive approach gives a real view of the negative effects of the operation of the installation, so having an integrated permit excludes the need to apply for partial environmental permits.

Who needs an integrated permit?

An integrated permit is needed by every company with an installation, the operation of which, due to the type and scale of activities carried out in it, may cause significant environmental pollution. The types of such installations are specified in the Rozporządzeniu Ministra Środowiska w sprawie rodzajów instalacji mogących powodować znaczne zanieczyszczenie poszczególnych elementów przyrodniczych albo środowiska jako całości, and they are:

  • Installations for the production of energy and fuels
  • Installations for the production and processing of metals
  • Installations in the mineral industry
  • Installations in the chemical industry for manufacturing, using chemical or biological processes
  • Waste management installations
  • Installations in other activities

In order to obtain an integrated permit, an application for it must be submitted. One of the appendices to the application for issuing or changing the integrated permit is the initial report. It should contain information about the activities carried out on the premises of the plant now and in the past, as well as a list of hazardous substances with which a given installation may pollute the environment.

Our specialists help in the preparation of an application for an integrated permit and in the preparation of the initial report. They will also perform post-implementation analysis, which allows to determine the actual impact of the activity on the environment. A team of our experts is a guarantee of high-quality documentation and reliable support in the process of obtaining decisions.

Contact us for detailed information on how to proceed to apply for the issue or change of an integrated permit.

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