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Integrated permits were established by the Council Directive 96/61/EC concerning integrated pollution prevention and control, known as the IPPC Directive. It applies to all European Union countries.

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Integrated permit is required for installations that can cause significant environmental pollution, so-called IPPC installations. We offer the preparation of documentation necessary to obtain an integrated permit, including the analysis of BAT conclusions.

What is an integrated permit?

Some companies must try to obtain the so-called integrated permit. What is this? It is a specific license to use a specific type of installation, meeting the technical requirements defined as Best Available Techniques (BAT). The main goal of the integrated approach is to ensure comprehensive protection of the environment by preventing and limiting pollution. When is it required and who issues it?

When is an integrated permit required?

Pursuant to the provisions of the Environmental Protection Law (Art. 201), an integrated permit is required for installations whose operation may significantly pollute the natural environment. The discussed category of facilities includes, among others, devices/installations:

  • for the production of energy and fuels,
  • for the production and processing of metals,
  • in the mineral industry,
  • in the chemical industry,
  • in waste management,
  • in other activities (such as paper production, animal husbandry and breeding, the use of organic solvents).

It is worth noting that the integrated permit is issued for the operation of the above-mentioned installations and technical devices. It does not include other, not technologically related installations. It is only not required where the installations in question are used exclusively for research, development or testing of new products.

Who issues the integrated permit?

The exact determination of who issues the integrated permit is not entirely clear. The choice of a decision-making body depends on the type and scale of the conducted activity. If the device is located in closed areas, determined by the Minister of National Defense, the application should be submitted to the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection. You should go to the marshal's office if:

  • the application concerns regional waste treatment facilities, as well as non-mining waste generated at the site of prospecting, exploring and extracting minerals from deposits,
  • at least one of the facilities meets the criteria of "a project that may have a significant impact on the environment".

In any other case, it is necessary to apply to the poviat starosty or the city office with poviat rights.


Our services include preparation of the documents necessary to obtain an integrated permit, including analysis of BAT conclusions. We offer substantive support and expert advice through the entire permit obtaining procedure.

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