Natural resource survey

The natural resources survey is field research that identifies plant communities and natural habitats in the area designated for the investment.

If the project that is under construction includes activities on a green area, it is necessary to carry out a natural resource survey of the investment area and its adjacent areas.

The natural resource survey includes the inventory of fauna, flora and inanimate nature. It should be carried out at different times of the year, giving precise information about the presence of individual species of plants and animals in this area.

The necessity to carry out a natural resource survey results from the Nature Conservation Act. The list of species belonging to the fauna and flora of the investment area creates an expertise, which should be attached to the report on the environmental impact of the investment, and is also one of the elements of the Project Information Sheet. It should contain conclusions about protective and compensatory measures minimizing the impact of the investment on nature.


We prepare a natural resource survey for investment areas and  provide detailed answers and explanations to the prepared documentation. We also offer a disobliging valuation, depending on the scale of the investment and the number of specialists from different fields, whose participation should be taken into account during the topic implementation.

The scope of our offer concerns the full and short natural resources survey, as well as environmental monitoring at the construction stage, depending on the needs or requirements.

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