High levels of noise are considered as pollution, because they have a detrimental effect on human health and the environment.

Sounds accompany us all the time. Living in noise, we stop paying attention to it and ignore it. However, its presence has a negative effect on us and harms our health. Therefore, it is necessary to control the noise level and its proper adjustment minimizing the negative effects.

In terms of noise control, it is helpful to model noise emissions to the environment, carried out with the use of dedicated software that performs calculations in accordance with the reference standard ISO 9613-2. It consists in mathematical modeling of designed and existing facilities that are sources of noise, in particular industrial plants.

Modeling is aimed at assessing the noise hazards of areas subject to acoustic protection that are or may be exposed to noise emitted by the industry, by referring the results to the content of  rozporządzenie w sprawie dopuszczalnych poziomów hałasu w środowisku.

The modeling results can be used at the design stage and to obtain the necessary administrative decisions in the field of environmental protection.

For example, modeling of noise emissions to the environment can be implemented to assess the environmental impact of the planned investments that require a decision about environmental conditions, for example projects that may have a significant impact on the environment.


We perform mathematical modeling of noise emissions to the environment in accordance with the applicable standard and with a clear consideration of the needs of our customers.

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