Post implementation review

Post implementation review is performed at the end of the project implementation in order to compare the environmental impact projections with the actual venture impact on the environmental components.

Post implementation review

In the environmental impact report and in the received decision is presented the predicted environmental impact and planned preventive actions. Post implementation review is the last stage of the investment process. Its purpose is to compare the predictions and plans with the impacts that actually occurred after the implementation of the project and the actions taken to limit them.

The investor may be required to make a post implementation review. Among others it is required in case there is a necessity to create an area of limited use. In the justification of the issued environmental decision the administrative body is obliged to indicate the reason for imposing the obligation to present the post implementation review. If it is necessary to perform it, the scope and date of its presentation will be precisely determined.

As part of the post implementation review the most often performed are control measurements of pollutant emissions into the air, measurements of noise levels in the environment, as well as the analysis of sewage monitoring and the correctness of waste management. The aim is to check if the venture complies with the established environmental standards and to identify any irregularities.


After reviewing the environmental decision issued by the administrative body inclusive of the obligation to perform a post implementation review and the environmental impact assessment report, we will propose further steps. Finally a post implementation review will be prepared. We offer substantive support from our specialists during the arrangements and also after presenting the documentation to administrative authorities.

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