Professional and effective management of hazardous waste

Conducting activities in the field of waste management obliges to maintain appropriate conditions preventing and reducing the negative impact of generated waste on the environment and human health. Appropriate waste management minimizes their negative impact on the components of the environment.

Hazardous waste management

The conditions necessary to be met in order to prevent or reduce the negative impact of waste are specified, among others, in the permit for processing waste.

Waste management is not only generating waste. It is also processing and collecting. According to the Waste Management Act, appropriate permits are required to operate in each of these areas.

Our team is created by experts with many years of experience in consulting in the field of waste management. Based on the information about the production processes in which waste is generated, they will advise you the directions of their management, the best from the point of view of environmental protection and minimizing costs in this regard.

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Prohibition of single-use plastic products

The durability of plastics leads to their accumulation in seas and oceans, that is why The Single-Use Plastics Directive will ban the use of single-use plastic products.

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WESSLING waste industry

BDO - Waste Database

From January 2020. all kinds of economic activities covered by art. 50 paragraph 1 of the Waste Act, which do not yet have an entry, must immediately enter the BDO database (Database on products and packaging, and waste management).

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