BDO is a database about products, packaging and waste management. Its integral part is the register of entities introducing products and packaged products and generating waste.

The BDO database allows you to collect information about waste and ensures electronic implementation of registration, recording and reporting obligations. From January 1st, 2020 all entrepreneurs entered in the register keep electronic records.


The obligation to enter into the BDO Register applies to entrepreneurs producing waste and keeping their records, introducing packaged products, tires, lubricating oils, vehicles, batteries, accumulators, electrical and electronic equipment to the domestic market, producing or importing packaging or purchasing them from companies operating in the European Union.


  • assistance in submitting an application for entry into the BDO Register, for making changes or for deletion from it
  • consultations about the necessity to enter a given entity into the BDO Register
  • determination of the waste code based on the technological process
  • annual declaration to the Marshal's Office, including preparation and submission of a collective statement on the types and amounts of waste, the method of waste management as well as on installations and devices for waste recovery or disposal
  • preparation of waste transfer cards
  • running a database of BDO, including a record and reporting module
  • training for entrepreneurs in the field of BDO

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