Feed analysis

The quality of the feed used for feeding farm animals has a huge impact on the quality of the food we produce and eat, so it is necessary to monitor its quality.

Cows eating hay after feed analysis.

The Veterinary Inspection is supervising the feed production, placing it on the market and use. Its employees carry out controls of compound feed factories, commercial enterprises, transport companies, farms, and the like.

Our goal is to guarantee the safety of feeds placed on the market, used in feeding farm animals.

Our offer includes:

  • Microbiological feed analysis 
  • Physico-chemical feed analysis

You can find out about the details of our offer by selecting the appropriate tab from the drop-down list.

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Cows eating hay after feed analysis.

GMP+ system for enhancing feed safety

The GMP+ certificate confirms the use of production practices that meet the criteria of care for feed safety. WESSLING Polska sp. z o.o. supports the certification process.

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Food must be correctly labelled on packaging.

Allergens - what they are and why they are controlled

The entity placing a food on the market is obliged to inform the consumer about the content of allergenic substances. WESSLING tests food for allergens and verifies the correctness of labels.

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