Food analysis

The efficient and reliable analysis of WESSLING supports food manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials in complying with legal requirements and ensures the highest standards in the field of food safety. Laboratory analysis is necessary for proper safety of food and agricultural products supervision.

Food safety monitoring requires control at every stage of the food chain. Beginning from primary production and quality control of fodder used for feeding farm animals through primary production, storage, transport up to sale to the final consumer.

WESSLING Polska sp. z o.o. perform quality tests of food products that suit your own needs and the official food control bodies requirements. We offer comprehensive solutions for food producers and entities related to food trading. Our offer includes:


  • Microbiological food analysis
  • Physico-chemical food analysis
  • Allergen tests
  • Sensory evaluation of food

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Pobieranie wody z kranu do badań laboratoryjnych

Legionella - preparation of facilities for reopening after lockdown

Re-opening the facilities after lockdown will require preparation, including testing for the presence of Legionella that develop in water supply systems, air conditioning, showers, showers or swimming pools during low water flow or its stagnation.

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Cows eating hay after feed analysis.

GMP+ system for enhancing feed safety

The GMP+ certificate confirms the use of production practices that meet the criteria of care for feed safety. WESSLING Polska sp. z o.o. supports the certification process.

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