Microbiological analysis

Specialized food microbiological analysis is the basic tool to assess the quality of food products. The main purpose of analysis is to supervise the safety of food production and public health protection.

Food microbiological analysis

Microbiological risk factors in food products are a source of diseases and human food poisoning. For this reason general rules and requirements for raw materials, semi-finished products and products have been established. These requirements are included in the acts of food law.

What are the characteristics of microbiological food analysis?

The aim of regular analysis in the field of food microbiology is to prevent the occurrence of microorganisms that significantly reduce the quality and health properties of food. Supervision is performed at every stage of the production chain - from raw materials to the final product. Not only the food itself is analyzed for the presence of pathogens hazardous to health, but also the manufacturing processes used and the environment for its storage. The researchers are interested in both, the current level of microbiological risk and its development over a longer period of time.

How are microbiological analysis of food carried out at WESSLING Polska?

In our laboratory we perform microbiological food analysis using accredited methods according to the guidelines contained in:

Rozporządzenie Komisji (WE) nr 2073/2005 w sprawie kryteriów mikrobiologicznych dotyczących środków spożywczych

The above regulation defines the criteria of food safety and process hygiene for meat and meat products, milk and dairy products, egg products, fishery products, vegetables, fruit and derived products, as well as the rules for sampling and preparation of samples for analysis, scope of analysis, reference methods and limit values.

Our laboratory is an accredited unit, the competence of which in the field of analysis has been confirmed by a certificate of the Polish Accreditation Center. WESSLING Polska besides the accreditation also has the approval of Chief Veterinary Inspection, which qualifies our laboratory to perform official tests of animal origin food.


We offer entities interested in carrying out analysis of food products:

  • Accredited microbiological food analysis, among others: Salmonella, Listeria monocytogenes, coliform bacteria, Escherichia coli, total microbial count, mold and yeast count
  • Report with analysis results

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