Physico-chemical analysis

The main purpose of physico-chemical analysis is to ensure consumer safety. The analysis makes it possible to exclude food products that are hazardous to human health and life.

Experts at WESSLING  evaluate a chemical-physical food analysis

Physico-chemical food analysis makes it possible to exclude the presence of contaminants or the possibility of marketing food products with concentration ranges of these substances exceeding the permitted dose. They are also giving confirmation of the information declared by the manufacturers about the lack of gluten, lactose and other allergens and the presence of the desired nutrients.

Thanks to reliable, independent analysis, our experts create the base for safe food evaluation. Wessling Polska upon your request performs analysis such as:

  • Nutritional value analysis
  • Food contamination analysis
  • GMO research and identification of animal species
  • Allergen tests

The most modern laboratory equipment and the effectiveness of our technologies guarantee our clients obtaining results always on time.

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