Food hygiene and food safety

Food manufacturers, logistics service providers and retailers are subject to maximum standards of hygiene. Our food experts register all details of your hygiene status.

Petri dish for microbiological food analysis

We offer you food hygiene services from sampling and laboratory analysis up reports and interpretation of the results. Inadequate production conditions carry a huge risk of food contamination. Our specialists offer you monitoring of the food chain environment and monitoring of water and air quality.

Hygiene checks for the food industry

Foods have to be safe; this is a mandatory prerequisite for consumer confidence. Attention must be paid to hygienically flawless manufacturing, particularly when producing sensitive and/or easily spoiled goods. With our hygiene checks, you take precautions to ensure that no safety breach occurs.

High food hygiene standards apply in all stages of production, processing and sales. Flawless production technology and well as trained personnel are therefore crucial aspects for producing foods of impeccable quality.checks  Our specialists support you in this demanding task.

Our range of food hygiene services

  • Monitoring of industrial hygiene, product hygiene and personal hygiene
  • Sampling during ongoing operation
  • Microbiological laboratory analysis
  • Drinking water analysis
  • Pool water analysis


Sampling is a process of taking units out of a large population in order to describe its properties. The main requirement is to obtain a representative and uniform laboratory sample without introducing to it any secondary contaminants. Securing samples and their transfer to the laboratory determines the accuracy of results.

Our range of services

  • Sampling food (various matrixes) for microbiological and physicochemical tests,
  • Sampling water (taps, hydrants, wells, swimming pools, etc.) for microbiological (in accordance with the PN-EN ISO 19458:2007 standard) and physicochemical (in accordance with the PN-ISO 5667-5:2017-10 standard; WES 900 – L/M) analysis.
  • Sampling of the  production surface for microbiological analysis (contact plates, stick swabs, sponges ) in accordance with the PN-EN ISO 18593:2018-08 standard.
  • Sampling of air by the aspiration method – a MAS-100 Eco apparatus

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Medicines in GMP laboratory of WESSLING for pharmaceutical analysis

Pharmaceutical analysis at WESSLING

Our GMP-certified laboratories at the Münster and Budapest locations are partners for pharmaceutical companies, producers of active ingredients, excipient and finished medicinal products, and hospital pharmacies.

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WESSLING expands with new microplastics lab

The demand for microplastics analysis and related consulting services is increasing. Our microplastics experts are also aware of this, and in response we have opened a new microplastics laboratory at the company's location in Bochum.

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