Drinking water

Due to its nature, drinking water has the lowest tolerance for pollutant concentrations and its frequent, detailed analysis is necessary.

WESSLING expert checks a wasser sample
More and more often we can hear that tap water is better or as good as bottled water. To make it true a proper way of its monitoring is necessary. Water supplied from devices and cisterns, introduced into unit packages, used in the production plant, food circulation, as part of business activities or in public utility buildings, collective and residential buildings, as well as water supplied from individual water intakes, and that in land, air or water means of transport concern restrictive requirements and absolute constant control.  

Regulations for drinking water quality checking

The regulation which contains a general information about drinking water, choosing places for sampling and testing frequency as well as the requirements of drinking water quality, the scope and method of analysis is:

Rozporządzenie Ministra Zdrowia z dnia 7 grudnia 2017 r. w sprawie jakości wody przeznaczonej do spożycia przez ludzi

WESSLING Polska performs a comprehensive service of sampling and analyzing drinking water samples in accordance to the applicable regulation.

What is important, drinking water samples should be sampled by an authorized person. The quality system used by our laboratory has been officially approved by the State County Sanitary Inspector. This officially entitles us to sample and analyze drinking water.


  • Accredited drinking water sampling using in accordance to Sanitary Inspection guidelines
  • Delivery of appropriate containers for self-sampling by the customer (WESSLING-box)
  • Accredited drinking water analysis of microbiological parameters: Escherichia coli, Enterococci, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, total number of microorganisms, Legionella
  • Accredited water analysis of physico-chemical parameters: acrylamide, metals, anions, PAHs, vinyl chloride, cyanides, epichlorohydrin, pesticides, THM, ammonium ion, color, turbidity, TOC, pH, PEW, taste, sodium, oxidation, smell
  • Accredited water analysis of additional chemical parameters according to the regulation about drinking water which include: bromodichloromethane, chlorine, chloramines and hardness 
  • Report with analysis results

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