The company’s profile and history

The company’s profile and history

From Westphalia to the international market

In January 1983, Dr Erwin Wessling lay foundations for what is now the WESSLING Group. Initially, the chemical laboratory was situated in a restored 18th century windmill located at the very heart of Münsterland. Since that time, the Westphalian company has developed into an international concern with a thousand employees, which provides services to clients at nearly 25 sites. Since the first days of its existence, the name of the family company – WESSLING – has been a guarantee of a high quality of specialist services in laboratory analytics and consulting. Being a laboratory which employs accredited methods of determination of selected analytes from different matrixes and cooperating with sworn experts, we have been constantly improving our solutions in terms of their cost-effectiveness and environment-friendliness.  Our group of Wessling Laboratory Consultants, who specialise in over 40 professional categories, provide know-how and are highly experienced in a variety of fields. Owing to this, solutions offered by the WESSLING company which meet the product requirements are tailored to suit the needs of our clients.

Dr Erwin Wessling

Our knowledge

Whenever our clients need precise measurements, they would like to broaden their knowledge, make safe decisions or optimise procedures and their activities, the WESSLING company provides all the necessary know-how and its executive competencies. This guarantees confidence in decision making, cost optimisation and a satisfying level of the company’s income. The WESSLING company, which is hired as a neutral, objective and competent partner, provides support in the process of comprehensive decision making.

The maxim, which has been guiding our activities since the beginning of the company’s existence: “We are where our client needs us“, has led to expansion of German and international branches. Drawing on the strategy of the parent company, WESSLING in Europe is always close to the client and has local representatives where they are needed.
Since the time when it was established by Dr Erwin Weßling in 1983, the company has been permanently developing and implementing innovative solutions. The WESSLING company has been consistently carrying out know-how transfer and is constantly seeking rational and effective ways of controlling quality, safety, health care and environment protection. Therefore, it participates in various experience-sharing activities and cooperates with universities, participates in research and development projects and takes part in activities of the DIN committee and of a number of expert bodies.
This cooperation has resulted in new ideas and permanent development of the service offer. Flat hierarchy, modern information carriers and transparent communication provide support to problem-free information and know-how transfer between the company and its clients and between different units within the company. The WESSLING Group sees itself on the international market as a company which offers its personnel a lot of development opportunities, which they can use by working together with different people who have achieved a lot thanks to their outstanding skills.
We regard our co-workers as people with a high cognitive potential and open to any change.
This is what has been enabling our company’s development for 25 years. In constant search of new and better solution, our personnel work every day with a view to improve the quality of life, in accordance with our motto – “Quality of Life”.
Moreover, Dr Erwin Weßling supports innovation, granting a €10,000 award for the best innovative idea every year.


The WESSLING wave as the company logo

Since the time the company was established, the double wave has been the identifying sign of WESSLING Laboratories. It is a symbol of different scopes of activity: the blue wave denotes drinking and ground water and fresh air, grey wave denotes sewage and polluted air. The number of services provided by us has increased, but the strength of the wave is still there.

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