Testing the nutritional value of food. The positive result of the audit broadened the scope of our services

From August 3, 2021, you will find in our offer analysis of the nutritional value of food products. The PCA audit, which took place in the new headquarters of the company, allowed us to add a new service to the scope of our accreditation.

0 remarks, 0 inconsistencies. Positive result of the PCA audit

A team of specialists analysing the nutritional value

We are happy to announce that the knowledge and preparations made by our team have resulted in a positive audit assessment extending our scope of analysis and the lack of remarks and non-compliance provided by auditors. During the audit, the appropriate methodologies and ways of performing analysis were checked, as well as their compliance with the PN-EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard, which specifies the requirements for the competence of testing laboratories and is the basis for granting accreditation. The new nutritional value laboratory is a big step forward for us that we have all been waiting for and that is why we are all the more pleased with the success of our colleagues.

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Testing the nutritional value of food

The nutritional information provided on the product label enables consumers to make conscious choices and is a route to education about healthy food. Nutrition labeling is the responsibility of every food producer. From August 3, 2021, in the offer of WESSLING Polska sp.z o.o. is a physicochemical analysis of nutritional value, allowing for this obligation and providing information on the nutrient content of the product, such as:

  • protein,
  • fat,
  • fatty acids,
  • carbohydrates,
  • sugars,
  • fiber,
  • salt,
  • minerals,
  • energy value.

We perform nutritional value tests for the following 5 matrices:

  • meat and meat products,
  • confectionery and semi-finished products,
  • processed fruit and vegetables,
  • cereals and processed cereals,
  • delicatessen products.

Soon, we plan to extend the above list with new matrices, but in the meantime, we offer you additional services, such as the calculation of the value of the indicated daily consumption GDA (Guideline Daily Amount) and the service of verifying food labels in terms of their compliance with current legal requirements.

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