The first virtual WESSLING Biking Challenge

The 55 participants from 6 countries, 7200 kilometers cycled in just one week and 36 trees planted - this is the result of our first virtual WESSLING Biking Challenge.

The last year has brought many changes to our everyday life. Showing collective responsibility in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, we work remotely, we communicate online, and our direct contacts have been reduced. We had to adapt to the new reality, but the will to teamwork and take joint initiatives is still alive and unchanging in us, so the WESSLING Biking Challenge was a good opportunity to do something together and combine useful with pleasant while taking care of our own health.

7200 kilometers = 36 planted trees

Sports events always arouse a lot of enthusiasm, but challenges, which at the same time bring a good cause, motivate twice. So it was this time. In the face of a changing climate, it is necessary to take preventive measures, that is why our company, setting an example of climate protection, decided to plant a tree for every 200 km cycled by our colleagues in the WESSLING Biking Challenge. WESSLING employees from 6 countries took part in the cycling challenge that lasted one week. Using the online application, they recorded the cycled distance and shared their achievements with other colleagues participating in the event. 55 participants of the challenge in many different places around the world cycled 7200 kilometers using the bicycle as a means of communication, also on their way to work. Thanks to their motivation, we will plant 36 new trees and the three people who cycled the most kilometers will get a tree also for their own gardens.

Together we can do more

We are impressed with the amazing result of our first virtual WESSLING Biking Challenge and thank all participants for their contribution to climate protection. This is a great example that we can do more together.


Photo gallery of WESSLING Biking Challenge participants